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PEARL Sensory Healing

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What are the Tibetan Singing Bowls?

They are handmade bowls from Nepal differ in sizes and each made of different metals which stand for a symbolic representation of the seven chakras of the body. The bowls produce different elemental tones, rich vibration when gently struck with a wooden mallet.

Singing bowls have been used for centuries across Asia. In the West they are widely used by music and massage therapists as part of the healing practice sound therapy.

What Happens in a Typical Session?

The bowls are placed around and on the body, from head to toe or waved above and played in a particular order to produce specific tones. Selection of bowls varies according to which chakra, or energy meridian system in the body needs attention during the session.

Positive Benefits

As about 60% of the human body is water the vibrations and echoes produced by the bowls resonate on a cellular level, releasing blockages and restoring balance. Researchers have found that binaural beats (two tones at slightly different frequencies are played in unison) positively affect the human nervous system by helping to change the brain waves. Respiratory rates also lower which reduce anxiety and elevate positive mood states. The sound bath ends with a wonderful zenlike equilibrium. You will also feel relaxed and more present in your body.

Tantric Bodywork

Your sound therapy will slowly turn into a loving and nurturing tantra bodywork session. Soft and slow touches will be lovingly applied throughout your body tailored by your preferences. An incredible multi sensory experience with a unique sensual journey is guaranteed.

About Luna

Luna shares her love of connection with others through massage, mediation and pleasure practices. She shares the skills of appreciation, vulnerability and acceptance with compassion, empathy and safety through communication and the acknowledgment that each of us is sacred and whole.

Her offering of sensual sound healing, meditation and Tantric touch practices can open your world and facilitate pleasure, happiness, discovery, and transformation. Luna’s primary desire is to help clients learn to use practices that ultimately guide them towards a healthy lifestyle with an increase in physical, emotional, sensual, and spiritual pleasure.

Going a step further, when we understand that sensual pleasure is literally one of the fastest, most direct pathways to experiencing the Bliss of Ultimate Consciousness, we begin to understand that our sensual desire is the desire for sensual union with ourselves.

The human energy system and physiology is hardwired for sensual pleasure to be a gateway to transcendent states of consciousness.

During the experience of heightened pleasure, there is an increase in the slow brain waves such as Delta and Theta waves. This is important because Delta brainwaves provide us with access to that higher part of our consciousness, while it is the Theta waves that allow us to experience a sense of deep spiritual connection and unity with our partners and the universe.

When played, Tibetan Singing Bowls match these brainwaves, combined with Luna’s alluring voice and nurturing touch she will take you into a deeper state of relaxation and sensual pleasure is directly linking you to your spiritual consciousness.

To experience sensual desire is to connect to our infinite, universal self.

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